In recent years, in Crete and abroad, a movement has been formed towards the return of gastronomy to the traditional Cretan diet. Gaining world reputation around 1960, when American physiologist Ancel Benjamin Keys whose research focused on the influence of diet on health, published his relevant scientific study, the Cretan diet, its beneficial effects and high nutritional values have been receiving increasing attention world-wide. The criticisms on modern Western eating habits have drawn even more serious attention on the Cretan diet, which is globally renowned for providing a natural, highly nutritious dietary framework, prolonging life and helping to prevent most of the modern diseases which downgrade the quality of life or shorten the lives of millions of people in the West. Based on olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as on meat, milk, cheese and dairy, all products of the land of Crete which is globally renowned for the top quality of its produce, the Cretan diet is the heart of the Mediterranean diet.

The cuisine of Nereas Restaurant is based on traditional Cretan recipes and old flavours, presented in a new, contemporary look. It is based on the use of locally and ethically sourced food and ingredients, a good part of which are organically grown and produced on the farm of the owner of the Restaurant by the owner himself. Fresh organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs, dairy products, olives and olive oil which are grown and produced in the owner's ''Nereas Farm : Earthly Harmony'', meat, seafood and honey are used to prepare dishes with knowledge, enthusiasm and special care, making up a creative continuation of Cretan tradition and culture. All products of Nereas Farm are certified organic. They are grown, produced and processed without fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, synthetic additives or antibiotics. All these, as well as the use of irradiation or biotechnology are diametrically opposed to the philosophy and ethos of Nereas Farm, which are best summarized in two words: Earthly Harmony.