Our Philosophy: Earthly Harmony

Our philosophy is based on our aim to create a prototype organic farmland characterized by harmony at all levels. We do not wish to adopt the dominant logic of our times, which fosters the stark exploitation of nature for financial profit. In our view, profit and payoff are defined as the restoration of the logic of harmony in nature, freeing our land, our natural resources and their products from pesticides and fertilizers.

We believe we should do away with synthetic and genetically modified foods and ingredients, whose production and consumption destroy the health and well-being of every biological and vegetal organism, as well as the biodiversity of the Earth, which supplies oxygen, clean air and water, natural pollination of plants and pest control, thus ensuring natural sustainability for all life forms. Rather than endorsing the multinational corporations' vast accumulation of profit, we have much to earn and benefit from protecting the health of every biological and vegetative organism. We should develop a loving relationship with nature, rather than a financial and commercial one.